Mari Davis Mari (with whichever on - air last name you may know her by!) died of metastasized breast cancer on July 20th, 2016. She was diagnosed (at Stage 4) in January of 2010. From the depths of her heart, she thanks the many wonderful, generous, funny, and loving people she was lucky to cross paths with. She wishes them much (much!) joy - and the appreciation of those joyful moments - during the rest of their life. She also encourages legislators to pass assisted suicide bills, as years of suffering, well, sucks. If you'd like to speak with Mari's husband, Jonathan Wiesel can be reached at Thanks!
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One of our clients once thanked us for working our “magic” for his business. We may not work magic, exactly, but we’re always happy to help.

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marketing- and content-related testimonials

(web sites, audio and video, consulting, and more)

“Mari has done a fabulous job helping Colorado Trails Ranch improve our marketing materials. She is wonderful to work with, is on top of everything and quick to respond, explains the marketing principles behind all of her recommendations, looks for ways to increase revenue at every turn, and has an astonishing way with words. On a tight budget and extremely short timeframe, she developed a spectacular website that truly captured the essence of Colorado Trails Ranch.”
Jane Giese, General Manager
Colorado Trails Ranch

“It is my pleasure to be working with Mari Davis in the conceptualizing, reorganization, and design of our trade association's large and complex website. Mari's not only delightful to work with, she is brilliant in her ability to diplomatically and professionally cut to the chase while still retaining attention to all the little details of the project. She steered communication with a committee of diverse association members and enabled us to come together on a plan of action. Without her we would not have the crystalline vision we now enjoy. At this time we are weeks into her leading a team redesigning and writing our new site. In the process she challenges us to keep looking at our mission to guide us and is particularly sensitive to our financial concerns. I heartily recommend Mari, Ruth and the wonderful team of professionals they bring to a project, but you can’t have them until we’re done!”
Chris Frado, President/Executive Director
Cross Country Ski Areas Association

“Though I have never met Mari or Ruth in person, they developed a web site for me that is exactly what I wanted. They listened to me about my preferences for color and line, balanced what I loved with what would be effective, and did it all very quickly. I found communicating with them primarily by e-mail to be so easy and effective. Without changing anything else – no print ads, no press releases, no free giveaways – my business increased about 50%. When new clients called I asked them how they had heard of me. They would invariably say, “So-and-so told me about you and then I visited your web site. I just had to call after that.” Not only has my business increased, but those who have visited my web site are easier to work with. They have read the primer (so to speak) so we start out on the same page.”
Tina Hassett, Owner
Our Animal Allies

“I know this, Mari. You are one of if not the most competent professional(s) I have worked with in my career. You promise and deliver within budget. Your writing, organizational, market knowledge and expertise are of the highest levels. Your creative ideas are both practical and imaginative. Most of all they fit the project and matched our vision.”
Robert Castellino, Owner
Whispering River

“The bulk of our sales are catalog driven, but we hadn’t done a complete makeover on our catalog in several years. Mari redid the whole thing, top to bottom, making our catalog much more user friendly and effective as a selling tool. Mari had great ideas … we all learned a lot from her.”
Bob Flaws, President
Blue Poppy Enterprises, Inc.

“Mari’s news release, along with the comprehensive list of media contacts she provided, generated significant positive media attention to supplement the grand opening of our new $12-million development.”
Stephen Tebo, Co-owner
Della Cava/Tebo Development

“When we hired Mari to set up our public relations database I felt an immediate sense of relief. She easily absorbed our company’s personality and profile, and then went on to take an immense amount of information and innumerable possibilities and sifted, sorted, and selected, until we had a very manageable media database, well matched to our company’s varied and specific targets.
Elin Hert, Marketing Director
Off the Beaten Path

I learned more from Mari in a few sessions than I did from other marketing people I'd worked with for years. She taught me that the best way to sell my programs is to remember why I started them in the first place... and that paid off when it came to talking to others.”
Christal McDougall, Founder
Women's Sports Works

“The video Mari created did exactly what we needed: explained the somewhat complicated non-profit work we do and moved people to action. After we'd show the video and turn the lights back on, you'd see people shaking their heads in awe.”
Lori Kuebler, Communications Director
Coffee Kids

“Mari creates quick and simple solutions that lead to success. I am grateful for her honesty, integrity, and wisdom, and for making the marketing of my business seem effortless. Thank you, Mari.”
Susan Barnart, Owner/CMT
New Beginnings Massage Therapy

seminar and presentation-related testimonials

“Mari is a consummate professional and a true pleasure to work with. She was extremely well-prepared and customized her amazing presentation for our authors, staff, and company. Everything she covered was helpful… I highly recommend Mari!”
Mary Beth Pugh, Publicity Manager
Avalon Travel Publishing

“This is a great presentation and very needed in this corporation and others like it. Mari had excellent energy and kept her promise of giving a valuable and intriguing presentation!”
Olivia Bridges, Marketing Coordinator

Very enthusiastic and creative – not fluff and hype but good concrete ideas to take back to the workplace.”
Eric Hocempa, Membership Manager
Rocky Mountain PBS

“Mari was excellent, very aware of what people what in a seminar. I liked that she educated herself about our industry in particular.”
Lynn Ryan, Broker associate
RE/MAX of Boulder

“Practical, with good takeaways… great job!”
Ellen Gysin, Vice President
U.S. Bank

Mari’s enthusiasm is contagious and her skill is obvious – and that makes for a terrific learning environment.”
Christal McDougall, Owner
Women’s Sports Works

“What was most helpful was learning about non-verbal observations and how I say things. I really was surprised but enlightened about learning about how our voices come across to others. You easily express the point you’re trying to get across – great illustration with examples.”
Tanya Piersen, Hotel consultant
HVS International

“This was a marvelously rewarding session that has helped focus me and motivate me. The pointers on how to paint a picture at every opportunity – to show, not tell, were most helpful. Mari, thank you.”
Christopher Baker
Award-winning travel writer

“Mari was awesome – energetic, funny, engaging!”
Shannon O’Donnell, Marketing Manager

coaching-related testimonials

“Lots of details were very helpful, but what was most helpful is the way you demystified the workings of the media. The tricks of the trade (‘butt back!’) will help me, and post-seminar I feel more confident than I ever have that I can get the media to help me. You helped me immensely by pointing out things I can do better in the future. Thank you!”
Jamie Jensen
Best-selling author of Road Trip USA

“I used to dread getting up in front of clients at our seminars. I’d become a totally different person, my body language would be stiff, and I felt really uncomfortable. Now, I know how to be myself – using my humor and my warmth – in front of groups of people. I speak with confidence now, not only with my voice, but with my body language as well. This training has helped me have more self-esteem in my everyday life, too. Thanks, Mari!”
Stacy Cushman
Blue Poppy Enterprises

“What I learned made me realize that, each day, opportunities pass us by and if we capitalize on those little things, we can become more effective communicators and better people. You kept things basic and simple, however you made us think. Great teaching style!”
Roger Wong, Consulting and Valuation Analyst
HVS International

“For years, I never felt like I knew either what to do or what to say in a media interview. What happened when I got your coaching was, all of a sudden, I knew what I needed to say and how to deliver it. It was a huge confidence builder that not only helped me sell more but – this is the truth, Mari – has helped me be more successful in every way. And I don’t mean just businesses – certainly in business because it helped my business grow dramatically – but also in my personal life. You’ve given me more confidence.”
Mary Jackson, Owner
Women at the Wheel

“This gave me new ideas about how to improve the content and delivery of my talks and helped me understand the need to commit to doing those things. Mari is knowledgeable and a good observer. She had good suggestions and presented them in a non-threatening way.”
Jim Heumann
Software marketing specialist

“It was so great having you here! I was so impressed with how well you delivered constructive criticism, and I felt you really addressed each author’s weaknesses in a helpful way (while promoting their strengths as well). I now know how to brief my other authors before interviews – I feel more prepared to prepare them.”
Stacy Johnson
Avalon Travel Publishing

“Connecting with my public — potential and current clients — in a positive way is very important. Mari has helped me tremendously by creating the materials, approaches, and the mind set I need to make and keep that positive connection.”
Marva Litt

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